Best Western Lægreid Hotell - Activities

Best Western Lægreid Hotel is the perfect base for activities in inner Sogn.


In Jostedalen there are guides available to take you glacier walking. You can also visit the beautiful Glacier Cathedral, see an exhibition about the glacier, chat to local experts and see a fascinating presentation of life on the glacier. The Breheim Centre in Jostedalen has information about local trips and tickets for guided walks on the blue ice.

Winter and skiing

Hodlekve Ski Centre in the Sogndal Valley is about 10 minutes drive from Lægreid. Well prepared cross country trails, good conditions for off piste/telemark skiing. 900 metre ski tow, 2 slalom slopes. See


Visit a traditional summer farm in full operation, with 600 goats. Demonstrations of milking and cheese making. Taste the fresh goat cheese. Simple, mountain refreshments and sale of brown and white goat cheese and locally produced souvenirs such as kid skin items, traditional sweaters, rose painted bowls and jewellery. Beautiful terrain for walks and trout in the lake. A great excursion for families with young children.


Sogndal and its surroundings are an eldorado for anglers.
In the municipalities of Sogndal and Luster there are between 100 and 200 good lakes and rivers. In many places fishing permits are sold by local landowners’ associations. In areas not covered by a fishing permit scheme, you must have the permission of the landowner before fishing. Fishing with rod and line in the fjord is free, but at certain times of the year when salmon and sea trout are protected you must not fish within 100 metres of a river mouth.
Fishing in these surroundings brings peace and calm, and a wonderful experience of nature.

Mountain walks

There are 16 marked paths in the area around Sogndal alone. You can buy a walking map from the tourist office. And the Jotunheimen mountains are just an hour’s drive away from Lægreid.


Jotunheimen - a wonderful drive of about 1 hour from Lægreid - is a largely untouched area of majestic mountains and glaciers. Norway’s highest mountains are in Jotunheimen. Galdhøpiggen rises to 2,469 metres, while Glittertind, with its ice cap on top, is only a few metres lower. This is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, with an extensive network of walking paths between the many cabins. Ask for more information in reception.


Sogndal is the main shopping centre for an area with about 30,000 people. In Sogndal’s compact centre you will find about 70 shops. These are located in the modern shopping centre Sogningen Storsenter and in the old part of Sogndal that the locals call “Fjøra”.

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