About Best Western Lægreid Hotell

The hotel is situated in the village Sogndal by the famous Sognefjord. On top of the square called Almenningen, near the fountain you will find a hotel where the guests feel like home. Everything here is put in place for you to find the peace you need when you travel.

The staff is polite and helpful, and there is a warm, informal atmosphere. The many regular visitors can tell you this is true.

The host couple, Sylveig and Atle Lægreid, put a huge effort in the task to establish a warm atmosphere. They both make their living here, and to assure that other people can feel at home in the hotel they have decided to live her themselves. That is a guarantee for the fine, warm atmosphere to compliment every stay at Best Western Lægreid Hotel.

Many people return to Lægreid as often as they can. At check in some of them even state that ”it is good to come home to Lægreid”. Our reputation comes from our committed hospitality.

That is why Sylveig, Atle and the staff can meet you in the lobby and say - welcome home.